The cleaning experts at $1.50 Cleaners offer high-quality dry cleaning and laundry services at three convenient locations throughout the upper Rio Grande Valley. Every item is carefully inspected for any stains or damages. We pre-treat stains to ensure successful removal and then thoroughly clean the garment. After another thorough inspection, each article of clothing is pressed to perfection and ready for pickup.

We can dry clean formal wear, including tuxedos and bedding such as oversized comforters.

We offer next-day pickup.

We also offer alteration services.

I can assure you that your satisfaction is guaranteed. If a stain happens to make it through our thorough washing and careful inspection, we’ll redo it (original receipt is needed for all re-dos). We are not responsible for beads, sequins, buttons, color loss, or shrinkage.

Clothing must be picked up within 30 days. After that, an item is determined to be abandoned and we are no longer responsible for them.

Please be sure to count your garments before leaving. We are not responsible for items after you leave the premises.

Store Policy


    1. We require payment in advance.

    1. All re-do’s for spots need original receipt (no exceptions).

    1. Count clothes before leaving. We are not responsible after you leave.

    1. We are not responsible for beads, sequins, or buttons, color loss, shrinkage, etc.

    1. Signature is needed for comforters and evening dresses, etc.

    1. Not responsible for clothes after 30 days

    1. We do not guarantee starch – we will re-do one time only.

We know how to properly clean and finish all kinds of fabric. We strive to protect your wardrobe investment by keeping your clothes in top-notch condition. We keep your clothing looking good so you can look good!